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pb. magazine publishes pictures from my photographic explorations. There are printed editions available. See the flipbooks here.

pb. magazine #7 in relation .

Menschen können nicht nicht kommunizieren.
Auf einer Fotografie festgehalten, können Menschen nicht nicht in Beziehung stehen. Sie sind gefangen im Rahmen, den der Fotograf um sie legt und in den Geschichten, die die Betrachtenden zu ihnen erfinden.

Humans can not not communicate.
Captured on a photograph, people can not not be related. They are caught in the frame that the photographer lays around them and i the stories that the observers invent to them.

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pb. magazine #6 b.a. vistas .

Buenos Aires - what a city!
In the last 150 years B.A. has been a major recipient of millions of immigrants from Europe and many other regions of the world, making it a melting pot and extremely diverse. This makes the rich and complex identity of the Porteños and results in an vivid cultural life. Over 700 bookstores. Over 250 theatres, But it’s not easy to be a Porteño or a Porteña. Life is tough, Politics is tedious, annoying or even harassing. And the economy is out of balance since decades. Not to mention the traffic.
But - what a city!

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pb. magazine #5 al maghreb .

Life spreads wide in Morocco's cities. From early morning ease to Midnight heat, from generous hospitality to sophisticated negotiations, between life and still life, from old medina to modern new town, from narrow rues to luxurious boulevards.
In the spread between fascinating cliché and permanent surprise I tried to prevent the cliché and catch the surprise.  

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pb. magazine #4   montauk / off season .

Montauk, the famous oceanfront playground located 110 miles from New York City on the eastern tip of Long Island. Wild and empty, photographed in Mai 2013. In my mind: „Montauk“, Max Frisch‘s autobiographic novel, where he describes his visit here in Mai 1974.
„Eigentlich gibt es viele Pfade oder was wie ein Pfad aussieht; deswegen ist sie stehengeblieben: Wohin jetzt? Die Landkarte, die er gestern gekauft hat, liegt im Wagen; sie würde in diesem Gelände auch nicht viel helfen.“
Max Frisch, Montauk, 1974  

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pb. magazine #3    from no man's land to my land .

The photographs of this magazine were taken along the railroad tracks leading out of New York City. They show the backsides, the uncared-for sights. They document the transition from public to private - from no man‘s land to „my land“. 

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pb. magazine # 2  summer nineteen seventy six .

America 1976.
 The photographer as a young man.
 Four friends, travelling from coast to coast.
 Eyes wide open, A life changing experience.
 The photographs rediscovered more than 35 years later.  

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pb. magazine # 1   nyc .

A photographic journey
 through the city that makes people big and makes them small,
 that makes people happy and makes them desperate,
 but always keeps them going. 

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